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 Desexing your animal is the greatest gift you can give them.

​PLEASE NOTE:  It can take some time to complete the booking process.  Please ensure you allow AT LEAST FOUR WEEKS from when you apply to when you need the desex completed. 

What can you do to for your pet and help reduce the number of unwanted animals in the region? Desex your pet! Thanks to the fundraising efforts of our volunteers and supporters we are able to offer subsidised desexing to CQ residents.

To apply, check your eligibility using the criteria below.  If eligible, complete the Desexing Subsidy Application Form using the link on the right. 

If you have any questions please enquire using our contact form

The desexing scheme is available to:

Central Queensland residents.

Residents on a health care or pension card.

Male and female dogs and cats.

Female dogs incur additional cost if they are older than 6 months, have been on heat or had a litter.

Desexing Fee (after subsidy):
  $88 for female cats & $65 for male cats
  $110 for female dogs & $120 for male dogs
  $250 for female dogs over 6 months or         who have been on heat or have had a           litter

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