🐾BONDED PAIR 🐾Say hi to this sweet duo, Ruby and Ava! These 2 girls come as a pair and offer double the love. Ruby is the darker Brown dog, she is a clever girl, she sits, waits and shakes on command. She looks at the hand you put out and gives you her same foot to shake. Ruby will let you know if someone is at the door or hanging around. Ruby loves chasing balls around. Ruby has been around older children (aged 10 plus) and is gentle but she doesn't like cats so a cat-free home for this pair is required.Ava is the lighter tan colour. Unlike her sister, she has no interest in balls or toys unless Ruby is playing too. Ava can sit and sometimes will wait but she could do with some more training as she doesn't realise how big she is. Ava does not jump but does lean on you for a cuddle. Ava loves water, and will happily lay on a blanket inside. Both girls love the beach and walks but could do with some more training walking on a lead.  Ava can be let off the lead anywhere and will stick by your side and Ruby likes to run. Both are outside dogs and aren't known escapees. They love to chew on bones and chew toys so a home with plenty of safe chew options is needed. These girls are ready and waiting for their new home so if you are ready for a ready-made pair, RUBY AND AVA are for you.Ruby and Ava’s adoption fee is $295 and includes desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. To express interest in adopting Ruby & Ava please fill in the online enquiry form located here - http://www.capricornanimalaid.org.au/adopt-a-dog-formBIN0001102175969

Ava and Ruby

  • Approx July 2018

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