Beautiful, sweet, affectionate boy. Loves other animals except birds. No birds lol. Great with respectful kids. NEVER scratches, but does give warning bites when annoyed. Not a morning cat, doesnt like being touched between 7 and 8 haha. Great after that though! Dizzee Rascal loves his zoomies around the house.
Very vocal when hungry, or just when there is potential to be given food. Fully litter trained. LOUD purr and likes to sleep beside you, so be a deep sleeper.
Whoever adopts Dizzee Rascal will be absolutely blessed with the most gorgeous boy. Carer very sad to see him go, but he deserves a forever family!


Adoption fee includes, desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and intestinal worm treatments. 


Dizzee Rascal

AU$180.00 Regular Price
AU$90.00Sale Price
  • April 2020

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*Adoption fee includes desexing, vaccination, flea, worm and microchip. An Interview and yard check applies (fully fenced yard required for all dogs). 

All current pets should be desexed and vaccinated.