Lexi is a beautiful girl looking for the purrfect family to call her own! She loves kids and is happy to be around them. Lexi is the ultimate companion dog. She bonds strongly with her humans and just likes to stay close.She loves a walk and is well behaved on the lead but is not highly energetic otherwise. She can come across as dominant to other dogs, therefore, would be best with submissive dogs or on her own. She isn’t good with cats or poultry, they don’t like her either! Lexi needs her human to be home a lot of the time and she also requires good fences. She has lovely manners, she doesn't jump up, sits and waits politely for food and doesn't jump onto furniture unless invited. At 3 years of age, Lexi is past the puppy stage. She doesn't dig or chew things. She is a pleasure to have indoors but is happy to sleep outside. Lexi isn’t a barker, she is happy to just quietly observe. Help Lexi find her forever home and share her post!Adoption fee is $295 and includes desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and intestinal worm treatments. To express interest in adopting Lexi, please fill in the online enquiry form located here - http://www.capricornanimalaid.org.au/adopt-a-dog-formBIN0001102175969


  • Approx 2017

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