Say hi to sassy little MYA-JANE!

MYA-JANE is an affectionate girl and is responding really well to training and will benefit from continued training in her new home. MYA-JANE is a little dominant and can be bossy and sassy though she does have gentle eyes and a kind nature just needs the consistent training.

She is very excitable first up in the mornings and can jump up when excited. She is is very affectionate and loves human contact and snoozes on her foster carers lap in the lounge.

MYA-JANE loves to play and is great with other dogs who won't mind her dominance.

As She is a working breed, MYA-JANE will require regular mental and physical stimulation and would be better suited to homes with plenty of space and opportunities to exercise.


At CAA we provide required vet work for puppies including the first 3 x monthly vaccinations and desexing at 6 months. This work needs to be done at our preferred vets in Rockhampton or Yeppoon, therefore we are only able to adopt our puppies to persons living in the local area or who visits the area regularly enough to commit to these appointments.


The adoption fee for MYA-JANE is $295 and includes desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and intestinal worm treatments. 




  • 5th October 2020

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*Adoption fee includes desexing, vaccination, flea, worm and microchip. An Interview and yard check applies (fully fenced yard required for all dogs). 

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