Oddie is a very well behaved, quiet and relaxed girl. She is so happy to see you in mornings or greet you when coming home from work. She does not jump up on you, just plenty of tail wags.

Oddie loves a hug and a pat or just laying near you. She is fine with other dogs and cats and doesn't react to other dogs when out walking.

Oddie is not a barker or digger and she will sit when told but not big on playing ball or with toys. She walks very well on a lead and absolutely loves going for walks!

Oddie is amazing and is sure to make a great addition to any family.


Adoption fee is $275 and includes desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, flea ladies and intestinal worm treatments. All dog adoptioins include the requirement for an inspection of the house and yard by a Capricorn Animal Aid dog adoption officer




  • 2015

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*Adoption fee includes desexing, vaccination, flea, worm and microchip. An Interview and yard check applies (fully fenced yard required for all dogs). 

All current pets should be desexed and vaccinated.

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