Say Hi to our special boy Otto! Otto is a friendly and playful boy and he loves his humans more than anything. Otto also enjoys sunbaking, soft toys, and cuddles. Although he's mostly blind, it doesn't slow Otto down at all and he has amazing hearing and smell senses to make up for it. He is confident and quick to familiarise himself with new surroundings. He loves to be inside and is well housetrained. Sometimes he gives you a sniff just to work out who you are and once he knows you will be your best friend. Otto doesn't bark, jump fences or dig and he loves playing in his paddle pool and running under the hose. Otto is very smart and his foster carer has been working on training him including going to the toilet on command. Otto enjoys walks but needs plenty of training and somebody confident to take him as he gets overstimulated with the different noises and scents, however, Otto is also happy to work out in his backyard if walks aren't always possible - so a decent yard would be required. Otto can be reactive to other dogs that he doesn't know because he can't see whats going on, although he has lived with other dogs happily before so very slow introductions will be necessary and with submissive dogs is best. Older children are ok, but he could unintentionally knock younger children down. Otto is the sweetest, most loveable dog you could ask for. He's goofy and very handsome. He would be a wonderful addition to a lucky family.Due to Otto’s special needs, we will be ensuring he is placed in the home most suitable for him.Otto’s adoption fee is $295 and includes desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. To express interest in adopting Otto please fill in the online enquiry form located here -


  • Approx Feb 2019

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