Introducing the lovable Taco! This sweet gal just wants to be loved. She approaches new people with her tail wagging wanting a pat and offering many kisses. Taco loves going for walks and has basic training but she could benefit from more and plenty of excercise as she’s a strong and active girl. Taco is friendly with children although she does jump up so may knock small children while trying to give kisses. She is currently living with an older cat and Taco gets on with her well in that they can both walk past each other with respect and be on the back verandah together. Taco wants to play with her but the cat says ‘not today.’ She is also living with a smaller male corgi and they enjoy playing and wrestling together but slow introductions for larger dogs is recommended. If you-re looking for some Taco love in your life, fill out the form in the link below ⬇️🌮❤Taco’s adoption fee is $295 and includes desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. To express interest in adopting Taco please fill in the online enquiry form located here -


  • Approx August 2019

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