Sweet little Vicki is a gorgeous light ginger cat who loves to be nestled into your shoulder while being showered with attention, kisses & cuddles.
Vicki can be very vocal through her day to day activities, with her loudest moments being around meal time both morning & night.
Vicki can be affectionate with strangers, however she may go into hiding if they are too loud.
Vicki is currently living with another adult cat & although the two get along fairly well, the two sometimes have disagreements, so Vicki may be best as an only cat, or possibly with the correct introductions she may learn to play nice with other furry friends.


Vicki is fully house and litter trained. Vicki has had all her vet work and desexing completed and is ready to be your forever companion.


Adoption fee includes, desexing, microchipping, vaccinations, flea and intestinal worm treatments. 



AU$180.00 Regular Price
AU$90.00Sale Price
  • January 2019

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*Adoption fee includes desexing, vaccination, flea, worm and microchip. An Interview and yard check applies (fully fenced yard required for all dogs). 

All current pets should be desexed and vaccinated.